Of a Place I Once Knew – An Epitaph for the Immortal

by Jun 6, 2000Poetry

Wild flung arrows slice through night

-From bows of yew and elm.

Oily darkness hid from light;

-A mighty captain’s helm.

Evil permeates the air;

-Warm blood freezes cold.

Endless power from black crown,

-And yet strong stands the fierce and old.

Ever vigilant he stands;

– His great hyperbole

For in not so distant lands

-Comes hope from o’er the sea.

Lonesome wanderer is he

-Who knows tomorrow now.

Mithrandir, his ancient eyes

-Shine brilliant past his murky brow.

Great Kings slain like commoners

-While commoners are kings.

Dark Lord and his followers

-And all-powerful rings.

Nine loose purpose without one,

-One with fire engraven;

The battle won, the tasks are done,

-He turns his eyes now toward Grey Havens.

Requiems play the third age,

-Its dusk lost in the night.

Turning page, he steps off stage

-In once gray cloaks now white.

Middle Earth weeps subtly,

-Her tears as rain along the shore.

Watching longingly as he

-Dip o’er horizon: nevermore.


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