Ode To The White Lady – Nine Companions 7 – Gimli

by Aug 8, 2002Poetry

Oh Galadriel!
Elven lady so fair,
With pearly white skin,
And the sun in your hair,

You are tall as a willow,
With eyes like stars,
And a low melodic voice,
That echoes in my heart,

Your heart is so pure,
I am humbled before you,
Even in the dark of a stormy night,
Your beauty will shine through,

You have seen the face of the Valar,
And led your people across the sea,
You have seen ages gone past,
And now you stand before me,

I am astonished by the elegance,
Of your people and your kin,
I do not fear torture or death,
But to this beauty, I give in,

I never would have seen myself,
Weeping to leave this place,
And I don’t know if I,
Will once more see your face,

But my companions need me,
The world is at stake,
So I must harden my heart,
And leave the beauty of this place,

But let one thing come with me,
To remind me of Galadriel the fair,
Let me be so bold to ask,
For a strand of your shimmering hair,

Whenever I look at it,
I will remember this lovely place,
I will remember the trees of gold,
And the perfection of your face,

Oh Galadriel!
I must leave you for now,
But maybe if fate is kind to me,
I will see you again somehow.


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