Ode to Myth – A poem inspired by mythopeia and the works of JRR Tolkien

by Mar 8, 2003Poetry

A star is just a ball of gas
That drifts afar with mighty mass.
A tree is but an idle plant
Robbed of magic and wonder scant.
To lives to live and breathe to breathe
Little wonder when the sun doth leave.
To dies to end and born to start,
But in-between there’s little art.
The sea is but a fluid mass,
The moon’s rising a thing to pass.
To learn’s to learn and be to be
And only’s there what sight can see.
But all these things once myth infurled
Become the magic of the world.
Where once a ball of gas did glow
Now a bright ship upon the flow
Of night dose journey the dark
Ocean of the sky in it`s bark.
Wonder now comes with every breath
From the days dawning to its death.
Twixt death and birth is a voyage
Not a void. A mind is not caged
And free to dream, free to see all
To hear the music in wind’s call.
A mythless world is ever cold.
It is the dreamers that are bold.
The ones that wrap the world in awe,
That looked at trees and sky and saw
Not just a plant or but a field
Of blue. To this they would not yield.
Where once was just a rising light
Now stands the glory of God’s might.
Distant line of horizon far
Is fabled land where rests the stars.
With myth at once the world was filled
With Elves and dragons till it spilled
Its magic warmth into each heart
To fill the lost, forsaken part.
The part of every soul that yearns
To see more then what is learned,
To see beyond what is there,
To behold but one vision rare.
Without myth a stone’s a stone
There’s no lost voice in the sea’s moan.
Only a cold forsaken sphere
Is the earth beneath us here.
The world is empty without myth,
A ruined dream, a lost what if.


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