Ode to Ellessar – A Poem

by Mar 30, 2003Poetry

O mighty blade; do seek to aid
the city by the Sea.
The river flow; and there below
within the valley lee:
The white wall stands; O stone so grand
an ancient place of kings.
And in these walls and time-worn halls
the West Wind comes and sings.
Of time so long that even song
remembers but a bit
‘Fore sun went down and dark came ’round
and all the fires were lit.
But now the light is gone at night
and the people shrink in fear
Their blades are broke, for Evil woke
and they shed bitter tears.
Now help they seek, for they are weak;
their stars are falling fast.
The darkness grows, the Shadow knows
soon virtue will be past.
So arrow strong and swordblade long
justice now will bring:
Drive out the fear with sword and spear
and crown once more the King.


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