O Gondor! – A Poem

by Jul 6, 2000Poetry

To you may all give praise for your undying shining light;

the last great bastion of the day, eternal foe of night.

For with the night comes death just as the life comes from the sun.

Never yielding, ever healing, dark lord Sauron you shun.

Now he advances a huge host up to thy very gates,

this evil tyrant scorns all life, but thou Gondor he hates!

In Mordor where the shadows lie, this damned soul plots and schemes;

he longs to rule over all men, to hear their groans and screams.

He wields as a weapon fear like a swordsman wields a blade;

much time must pass alas before his evil taint can fade.

Fear not all of those who oppose the dark oncoming tide,

through a chink in his armour a breech will be opened wide;

for pride has always been his greatest shortcoming on earth,

he reckons men with his weapon would go to Gondor first.

But here he errs to our great joy, he perceives not our plan

to rid earth of his cursed ring, to purify the land.

Great will be the glory world ’round when all hear of your might,

how you Gondor, alone staved off destruction, death, and night!


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