Not without my Sam – Frodo’s mind, as he’s leaving the Fellowship behind

by Oct 21, 2003Poetry

This task is all too big for me
I wish it didn’t come to me
It is a burden I must bear
And with nobody I can share

I wish these lords had all agreed
This ring to take and have it dealt
They would know best whose words to heed
And have this ring in fire to melt

But now this task is all on me
And all my friends I must now leave
My Sam of all I’ll miss the most
I hope he will not pay the dearest cost

Yet Sam, my dearest Sam
He has again my thoughts foreseen
He found me now; he made his mind
With me to Mordor he’ll rush to find

Oh Sam, my dearest Sam
What are you doing with me my lad?
You know where my path now goes
It is the land of all our foes

But Master, you know it well
I cannot live or even dwell
If you will take alone this road
Now that I swore to bear this load

My Sam, my dearest Sam
With you I know now who I am
This deed that now has come to me
With your help lighter shall it be

Of all the joys I might now have
I swear I wouldn’t be as glad
Without my Sam, without my lad.


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