Not to Stay – of differing interests.

by Jan 2, 2004Poetry

I won’t be left behind
To sit around and wonder
Of the fates of all my friends
Who have been torn asunder.

I won’t lie here, forgotten,
Unknown to all the world,
While friends ride into glory
Beneath green banners unfurled.

I won’t sleep beneath a roof
While my kin sleep on the ground,
With swords gleaming at their sides
And shields to them bound.

I won’t be left here standing
While to ruin you ride away,
With a red sun rising
At the breaking of the day.

I won’t stand in empty halls
To wish I’m at your side,
Nor in the company of echoes
To wonder if you’re alive.

I will not stay and wait
To see if you’ll return,
I cannot stay and linger
As the fire slowly burns.

Please don’t leave me here,
Are your eyes so blind?
Don’t leave me to be all alone,
Don’t make me stay behind.


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