No One Will – Frodo faces the end of the journey

by Jan 9, 2004Poetry

A long journey and a hard one
Seems like you’ll never get through
All the stars look to have been blotted out
And it’s an effort just to move
You could have stayed home in happiness
And let the world take care of itself
But in earnest you have made this sacrifice
For if you don’t find a way–who will?

Somehow you’re determined
That nothing will stand in your way
Though you feel like falling down
What’s that to the world under Night’s sway?
Thoughts and memories are no longer your own
Ash and fire is all that’s there still
Yet pushing all aside you struggle on
For if you don’t find a way–who will?

Cast it–your burden–end this torment
But after coming this far you can’t let go
Stumbling–falling–everything is spent
Here at the end it won’t let you go
Is it your own will? Or is it It’s?
Let it go–you are torn–let it fall!
The world now teeters on the brink–
For if you don’t find a way–who will?

You submit to the fire, to the calling, to the drawing
It is yours, it is your own–or you are Its
How could you do anything but claim it?
It whispers, it calls–you want nothing more than this
Plunging darkness, striving wills–it is yours, not his
Searing pain–it is taken–sudden silence of its call
Falling, teetering–suddenly your mind is yours again
If you do not find a way–no one will

Not your task alone–you could not have done it
Without the aid of one, unwitting–
You would have fallen, with the world atop
Loss and silence, night and shadow rising
It is all the same and all different now
Calm and peace, stars and sun, light floods
Coming from the end, it is said and done now
If you had not found a way–who would?


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