Nine Haiku – I was dared to write these, but I enjoyed it!

by Feb 16, 2003Poetry

A brief explanation of Haiku
Haiku is a very old Japanese artform consisting of three lines that do not usually ryhme. The first line always has 5 sylables, the second 7, and the third 5.

The following Haiku describe the members of the Fellowship, (though not extensively since there are only three lines!) They are not in a particular order.

The Wizard, Gandalf
Powerful, mysterious
Protector of good

Aragorn, Strider
Dunedain Chieftain, Elfstone
Arwen holds his heart

Frodo, Ringbearer
Has important destiny
The Ring grows heavy

Sam is loyal, kind
Hardworking, compasionate
True friend to Frodo

Loyal to the Mark
Merry, an ever hungry Hobbit
Cheerful and friendly

Pippin, the youngest
A guard of the Citadel
First naive, grows wise

Dwarf, strong and hearty
Fierce to enemies not friends
Gimli son of Gloin

An Elf, Legolas
Swift, skilled with bow and arrow
Friend found in Gimli

Son of Denethor
Boromir, Stewards’ heir
Sought power, found peace

I hope that you too will try this art form it is enjoyable and can express emotion beautifully! These are not really what this form was meant for, but I did my best.


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