Nine Companions – The Series

by Sep 27, 2002Poetry

Don’t Leave Me Behind

Nine Companions 1 – Merry

The sun has been darkened,
Shadow covers the sky,
The stars no longer sparkle,
The Rohirrim will ride,

What use would a hobbit be?
Is the question in your mind,
I don’t really know yet,
But don’t leave me behind,

Though I am fearful of the songs,
That will be sung at my death,
Though all around me is shadows,
And Sauron’s evil breath,

Though you are men of great strength,
And small is my kind,
Though I am young and afraid,
Don’t leave me behind,

Though the dark lord has banished,
The very stars from the sky,
Though it is surrounded,
I hear the city’s cry,

Though you order me to stay,
Though I may be no help at all,
You never know what strength,
Is held in the hands of the small,

I will follow you Lord,
And remain by your side,
Even though the path to death,
Is the road that we must ride,

So let me weep beside your grave,
Then fall asleep in mine,
Let me burn before the great eye,
But don’t leave me behind.

The Dark Hour Before the Dawn

Nine Companions 2 – Pippin

The lands are hard and cruel as steel,
When seen in the black of the night,
But in the dark hour before the dawn,
I anticipate the light,

I turn to see the yonder mountains,
Pale shadows in the west,
The faintest glimmer shines down on them,
The moon has gone to rest,

As soft as a fairy floating down from the stars,
Golden color spills oe’r the land,
A light barely seen shines down on my face,
As soft as waves upon the sand,

I turn my eyes to gaze all around,
At the softly sleeping world,
But I am drawn back to gaze unto the west,
Where the greatest painting is unfurled,

The light slips over the shimmering peaks,
And sweeps its way across the plains,
It begins to fill the world with a quiet peace,
Like a soft Springtime rain,

I throw my head back and sing to the morning,
I close my eyes and listen to the wind,
I feel the sun’s rays as I stand here in silence,
Night has come to an end,

I come back to my senses and the real world,
Covered in a shadowy haze,
I stand up to see the dark lands around me,
And eastward my unwilling eyes gaze,

I wish to return to the lands of my dreams,
To see the shining mountains once more,
But I know such wishes are all in vain,
For above me the sun does not soar,

I sense a shadow passing overhead,
And suddenly feel a cold stab of fear,
I cower on the ground as I close my eyes,
And, silently, down rolls a tear.


Nine Companions 3 – Sam

Maybe when its over,
And my work here is done,
Maybe when I feel torn again,
Maybe my time will come,

Maybe when I’ve had lots of children,
And all of them are grown,
Maybe I’ll forsake my garden,
And I’ll the seeds I’ve sewn,

Maybe when I’m old and worn,
And my time has come to pass,
Maybe when I can work no more,
I will follow you at last,

Maybe when our companions are gone,
And I am Mayor no more,
Maybe when I can stand it no longer,
I will journey to the distant shores,

Maybe I will board a ship,
And sail across the sea,
Maybe if I still have some luck,
You’ll be there waiting for me,

I wish that day were here already,
And I could follow you my friend,
But maybe someday a time will come,
When we will be together again.

So Young To Die

Nine Companions 4 – Boromir

He stared at me in silent grief,
And ran over with tears in his eyes,
As he sank to his knees I heard him whisper,
So young, so young to die,

Our eyes met and he understood,
It was time for me to go,
My work was done in Middle Earth,
I had trudged my final road,

How can I describe those last few moments,
And the thoughts running through my mind?
I knew my companions had to go on,
And I would be left behind,

I remembered the times when I would mount a horse,
And run a race with the wind,
I remembered the times I would wake to a splash,
And the laughter of my friends,

I remembered days of happiness and warmth,
And ones of sorrow and pain,
I remembered the dream that came to me,
And how my life was never the same,

I remembered the bond of the nine walkers,
And wished it wouldn’t end,
I remembered the towers of silver and pearl,
That I would never come home to again,

I remembered my Father’s words of wisdom,
And my brother’s sea gray eyes,
My pale lips murmured a few last words,
So young, so young to die,
I was not afraid to face the world,
Where I was destined to go,
But I never thought I would journey there,
So young and all alone,

Right before I closed my eyes,
I saw a tear roll down his cheek,
I felt him kneel and heard him say,
Son of Gondor, be at peace,

I saw diamond studded mountains before me,
And a crimson gold sunrise,
I left one world and entered the next,
Still so young, so young to die.

Just Breathe

Nine Companions 5 – Frodo

As I stand here by the cracks of doom,
The fate of the world before me,
As I gaze at the fire burning below,
I tell myself, just breathe,

Just go through the motions of throwing it in,
And you’ll have finished the quest,
Just toss it in, one little throw,
And you’ll have passed the test,

You can be rid of it, forevermore
You can die and set yourself free,
You can watch the light come back into the world,
Take a moment, just breathe,

I close my eyes and hear its voice,
Telling me to forget my task,
Telling me to just put it on my hand,
And it’ll be mine at last,

My eyes open up as I struggle with the urge,
I take a moment to think,
I wish Gandalf were here right now,
But he’s not, so just breathe,

Before I can change my made up mind,
I reach for my neck and put on the ring,
As I feel the power of its master’s will,
I tell myself, just breathe,

Suddenly I am fighting a battle in my mind,
And another with that treacherous sneak,
Suddenly I realize I have destroyed the world,
And all because of one little ring,

He takes it from me, but in he falls,
I still can hear his screams,
As I realize how utterly I have failed,
I tell myself, just breathe,

Breathe in the air of this putrid place,
Continue to strive to live,
There is nothing more that I can do,
No more sacrifice I can give,

Suddenly I realize with a start,
That I am finally free,
The light has come back, and I can leave,
I smile and say, just breathe.

Now That You’re Gone

Nine Companions 6 – Aragorn

Now that you’re gone I understand,
How much you meant to me,
I realize just how much I loved you,
And how hard goodbyes can be,

Now that you’re gone I can’t remember,
Why I began this quest,
And as I feel the tears surging within me,
I know I have failed this test,

Now that your gone I understand,
How like a Father you were,
Now that you’re gone I feel less like a king,
And more like a homeless ranger,

Now that your gone I know that goodbye,
Is the worst of my many fears,
But I also know that all men will grieve
And not only the weak reap tears,

Now that you’re gone I love you more,
And wish you were here beside me,
But now that you’re gone I must fill your role,
And lead this weary company,

Now that you’re gone I feel less brave,
And feel weaker than I thought I could be,
I can fight great battles and walk many miles,
But this goodbye will kill me,

Now that you’re gone I feel so angry,
More angry than ever before,
Because of a ring, I have lost my father,
And I vow to even the score,

I will strive to live to avenge your death,
The evil that killed you will fear me,
Because now that you’re gone, I understand,
Just how hard goodbyes can be.

Ode To The White Lady

Nine Companions 7 – Gimli

Oh Galadriel!
Elven lady so fair,
With pearly white skin,
And the sun in your hair,

You are tall as a willow,
With eyes like stars,
And a low melodic voice,
That echoes in my heart,

Your heart is so pure,
I am humbled before you,
Even in the dark of a stormy night,
Your beauty will shine through,

You have seen the face of the Valar,
And led your people across the sea,
You have seen ages gone past,
And now you stand before me,

I am astonished by the elegance,
Of your people and your kin,
I do not fear torture or death,
But to this beauty, I give in,

I never would have seen myself,
Weeping to leave this place,
And I don’t know if I,
Will once more see your face,

But my companions need me,
The world is at stake,
So I must harden my heart,
And leave the beauty of this place,

But let one thing come with me,
To remind me of Galadriel the fair,
Let me be so bold to ask,
For a strand of your shimmering hair,

Whenever I look at it,
I will remember this lovely place,
I will remember the trees of gold,
And the perfection of your face,

Oh Galadriel!
I must leave you for now,
But maybe if fate is kind to me,
I will see you again somehow.

Even A Wizard Fears

Nine Companions 8 – Gandalf

As I ask Bilbo to give away his ring,
And one simple word I hear,
“Precious, it is precious to me,”
Even a Wizard fears,

As I read the ancient, withering scrolls,
Of a noble, but fallen King,
I, the wizard, Gandalf the Grey,
Gasp in fear of one small ring,

As I tell poor Frodo that he must leave,
For the Dark Lord’s return is near,
I see his eyes widen in terror,
Even a Wizard fears,

As I sit atop this gloomy tower,
And think of the treachery here,
I remember the beauty long gone from this place,
Even a Wizard reaps tears,

As I sit here at the end of the council,
And a small, little voice I hear,
“I will take the ring to mordor”
Even a Wizard fears,

As we debate which course to take,
And for the mines of Moria depart,
As I gaze at the silent, sleeping lake,
I feel a warning in my heart,

Gash! Fire! Durin’s bane,
An evil demon is near,
An ancient monster, wreathed in flame,
Even a Wizard fears,

I tell them to run, leave the beast to me,
Lead them on, the bridge is near,
The flames come closer, the pillars fall,
Even a Wizard fears,

The Fellowship crosses the ancient bridge,
Aragorn and Boromir alone remain,
But I pay no heed as I turn to the beast,
And my secret title, I proclaim,

He tries to fight with a flaming sword,
I cast it aside with a burst of light,
He tries to come to me, but the bridge crumples,
I have won this evil fight,

But I feel the tongue of the fiery whip,
And into the abyss, I disappear
Nine frightened eyes open wide in terror,
Every hero fears

Thoughts By The Sea

Nine Companions 9 – Legolas

Looking upon the sea ahead of me,
And hearing the cries of the gulls on the shore,
Standing here quietly, thinking of nothing,
I am feeling more than ever before,

I have found love in a place unlooked for,
I have found peace in a place unseen,
I have found beauty in a rocky shore,
I doubt I will ever be the same again,

Woe to the elves who live forever,
Their sorrows reach to the stars,
Woe to the men who die tomorrow,
But live in the world that was once ours,

Woe to the hobbit who perishes bravely,
To make evil forever no more,
Woe to me as I stand here in silence,
Trying to fight with the call of the shore,

I must leave this place that I long loved,
And travel to the home of my kin,
Standing by the sea, with the wind in my hair,
I will never be the same again,

The sea is fresh and young and new,
Beside it I feel leaden with years,
Oh what a task it would be for a mortal,
To trace the paths of an elf’s many tears,

I feel so old, so very old.
Beside men who just discovered life,
Is Eru’s gift really a curse?
It brings so much sorrow, fear and strife,

Looking back on my life in the forest,
My happiness there doesn’t seem real,
I have seen too much death to live in this place,
I have wounds no mortal victory will heal,

Children grow and become old quickly,
We all suffer at the hands of change,
But why, oh why must we remember this place,
When it will never be the same?

I want to leave these angry lands,
To gaze at the sea and be still,
I want to forget the sorrows of my past,
But I doubt I ever will.


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