Nin earnie mellon – A Poem

by Jun 25, 2002Poetry

Ir i daw rie thenid a kshkorana
A i arad rie doll
Lle nira tol an enni
A pada an nin nef
Erin lend,
Lend sa lye lothron sorona tol o
Amin naa saia aser ned lle
Lle ier nin mellon
Nin tinu ned i duath
Nin lach ned i daw
Nin earnie mellon…


“My best friend”

When the night is true and treacherous
And the day is dark
You will come to me
And walk by my side
On a journey,
A journey that we may never come from
I am very fond of you
You are my friend
My star in the darkness
My flame in the night
My best friend…


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