Nimrodel’s Song

by Jan 12, 2004Poetry

The tales of old tell a tale
of a maiden fair,
with crystal eyes and pointed ears
and silky, golden hair.

Nimrodel was her name.
She dwelt alone and free,
next to a trickling water fall,
where peaceful she could be.

But the land was filled with sorrow,
and sadness, hurt and grief.
where evil snuck in and took a life
like a double-crossing thief.

Yet in the woods of one small place,
where evil would not go,
she met her love, one chilly day,
under trees covered with snow.

But wed him she would not,
unless the sorrow disappeared.
At peace she wanted to stay
and live not in constant fear.

And so they left for Valinor.
The road would be treacherous and long.
Across hill and valley, plain and sea,
they would have to walk, jog or run.

Yet somehow along that long, long road,
Nimrodel was lost, never to be found.
Her beloved searched for her long and hard,
but didn’t find anything, not a print in the ground.

And so he went on, ever grieving his loss,
the memory of his love never fading.
And, at last, he came to the Sea,
which, across it, he would be sailing.

The wind blew strong, the waves picked up
and Amroth* slowly made his way aboard.
But, as the ship slowly slipped away,
Nimrodel appeared upon the shore.

Too far away to turn the ship around
and head back to the shore,
Amroth did a desperate ded
and leaped into the raging moor.

On he battled the thundering sea.
And yet beneath the waves’ white crown,
he sank, into the roaring water,
forever gone, sleeping sound.

Nimrodel, now totally alone,
wept for her beloved, now forever gone.
And, if you listen closely to the wind,
you can hear it singing Nimrodel’s sad song.

Author’s Note: The story of Nimrodel can be found in Unfinished Tales written by J.R.R Tolkien.

Amroth*– the name of Nimrodel’s love.


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