Nightengale – Luthien Tinuviel

by Apr 29, 2004Poetry

Shadowy hair
Bound with stars from the sky
Luthien was fairer
Than the heavens way up high

Graceful as a doe
Running fast and fleet
Flowers always sprung
From beneath her dancing feet

Her eyes were bright as diamonds
Shimmering in the light
Her voice could carry you off
Into the realm of night

Strong and pure of heart
Was brave Tinuviel
It helped her save the man she loved
When she rescued Beren from his hell

Thingol loved her dearly
Just like a father should
To protect her from her doom
He tried all that he could

Yet fate still entwined
The brightest jewel of them all
And when her spirit crumbled
She wandered Mandos’s mighty hall

Hope remained in the heart
of Luthien the fair
And for her love she chose mortality
To be her burden to bear

Luthien upon this earth does no longer dwell
Where now is Beren and his Tinuviel?

They’re far, far away upon the western shore
They managed to escape the fate that fell on those that came before

There the lovers stay
For once the sun has set
She dances while he watches
In the forest where they met.


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