Nienna – The Weeper – Fourth of 15 poems of the Valar

by May 3, 2004Poetry

Sister of Namo and Irmo,
You dwell alone on the west,
You rank as one of the eight Aratar,
The mightiest,
The best.

Grief and mourning are your province,
You weep for our suffering,
Your part in the song was deep sadness,
Yet grief entered the world in its beginning.

You teach pity and endurance,
Yet you rarely visit Valmar,
In the Halls of waiting,
You teach Olorin,
Gandalf, who was a Maiar.

You wept on the mound of Ezellohar,
Watering the Two Trees,
After their destruction by Melkor,
You wept again for thee.

You cleansed Ungoliant’s filth,
Yet you found the flower of wealth,
You found the Sun and Moon,
And yet, you are so boon.

You pitied pitied Melkor,
You sued for his pardon,
His three years in captivity,
Were ever hardened.

You the weeper,
Weeped for our souls,
You spoke on Melkor’s part,
Yet you saw him wreck the statues of old.


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