never ending thoughts..

by Apr 1, 2004Poetry

night in blue a wish is made
cool breeze upon thy brow
the warmth of hearts beneath stirs up
darkness to where light grows

held upon the brink of hate
in trouble waters eve
but yet it held a silent time
when all has been deceived

in darker shores awaits the sun
when time was young and dear
in days of joy and merriment
when lands of all no fear

a hand stretched out towards the sky
beneath the moon of light
it parted darkness into thus
light filled beyond thy sight

heavy was the burden that carried the way
in streams of rushing stones
and emptied all that i felt in all
like blade of light that shone

i held my thoughts so high and clear
towards the heavens hand
in hope and part for all my wish
be done in all the lands

and yet in all my strength i failed
i lost the war indeed
but for my thoughts they will ever live
so all may hope and read

for at the end of darkness thus light come
to fill the land in gold
and yet thus light end and darkness comes
as the stories do told


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