Never Apart – Arwen and Aragorn

by Nov 14, 2003Poetry

Starlight shall remind me,
Bring her to my dreams,
Softly, slowly haunting
Her essence in my life,
Her hand upon my lips is true,
Away from mortal strife.

Hope shall now remind me,
Bring him to my side,
Dancing on the forest paths,
Eternity became,
Hold me in thy arms so,
Speak my elven name.

My road is truth and hardship
My aim is peace and light,
And distance is between us,
A faith, a trust, a way,
Yet she is ever with me,
And forever we will stay.

He is my love and sorrow,
The days that we must part,
An elven stone lies on his breast,
A keepsake of our plight,
Forever bound together,
By fate and hope and love,
To watch the dawn rise to the world,
Kissed by light above.


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