Ned Lothlórien Arad [A day in Lothlorien]

by Jan 7, 2010Poetry

Ned Lothlórien Arad

Dî Vallord hâv,
In-eraid en ‘Laur Laurelin trenarar aen.
Caras Galadhon; beriad nín
i-Dhúath Ardhon.

Galardiel Rhîn bain
Dan Thond-e-doron darthar aen;
O Nenya trenarar aen
A illaid i dollen, natha, na.

i-Anor gelair
Brethia trî Orthellian;
Silad o nîn iaur;
Celebrant a Nimrodel.

i-Ardh Taur u-thinnad;
Galadhrim canui beriad.
Avon u-‘enediad,
Lothlórien bain.


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