Near the End – Will I make it?

by May 4, 2003Poetry

Near the End
by traz~~~

I’m in a daze, it’s hard to keep
Events straight in my head.
The pain will sometimes fade away,
Am I at home in bed?

But then reality steps in,
Its cold hand slaps my face.
I ache once more, my head still pounds.
When will I end this race?

Slowly rising to my feet,
I feel my burden grow.
How can I make it to that Mount,
Up to that fiery flow?

To rid us of this cursed thing,
I can’t do quick enough!
My strength, it wanes. I feel so weak.
The path I walk is rough.

I find myself back on my knees
And curse my waning strength.
But I can crawl, if only that!
I’ll reach my goal at length!

And then I feel myself arise.
Is this a dream? But no!
‘Tis not a dream, but my dear Sam,
His strength to me bestowed!

Now as he bears me up the slope,
I close my eyes again.
I feel the wind flow through my hair,
I’m walking through a glen.

Again it seems I’m in a daze,
The birds don’t seem to sing.
Grey flowers grow, but they’ve no scent.
The bee has lost it’s sting.

I wake again upon his back,
The searing heat draws nigh.
I wonder at his servitude,
His love I can’t deny.

So for the moment I will rest
As he walks slowly on,
Grateful for a moments calm
Before the final dawn.


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