Narn Min Cor: Tale of the One Ring

by Mar 29, 2010Poetry

In the Black Speech of Mordor, it read….

Ash nazg durbatuluk, ash nazg gimbatul,
Ash nazg thrakatuluk, agh burzum-ishi krimpatul…

The One was lost, the Three were hidden,
The Seven devoured, the Nine forbidden,
Orodruin was quiet; its fire was dead,
A legend, a myth, a story for bed,
An age then passed, and the Shadow returned,
Mount Doom awoke, its flame again burned,
In Anduin the Great, the One was found,
Ere it was taken, beneath the ground,
It was found by Gollum, whose mind was broken,
The One was corrupt, to Smeagol it had spoken,
In the dark of the cave, it slipped from his finger,
And was found by a Hobbit, who did not linger,
To the Shire it went, in Bilbo’s innocent hand,
Treasure it he did, his precious golden band,
To Frodo it passed, Bilbo’s young heir,
Puzzled he was, but handled it with care,
Gandalf recognised it, the One Ring of Power,
A visit he paid, to Orthancs stone tower,
In Bree the Hobbits, met Strider the Ranger,
They trekked to Weathertop, and they encountered great danger,
In the fortress of Isengard, Gandalf was captive,
Saruman betrayed him, but the eagles were active,
Gwaihir rescued him, in his claws like a mouse,
And bore him to Rivendell, the Last Homely House,
Upon Amon Sul, a battle was fought,
The Black Riders failed to recover the talisman they sought,
To Imladris the Hobbits went, and a Council was held,
A Fellowship was formed, after the Nazgul were felled,
They were forced to pass, under the Misty Mountains cold,
In the Mines of Moria, they found the caverns were old,
In the deep of the dark, where lay Balin’s tomb,
They found a terror, a demon of doom,
Gandalf fell, into a chasm of blackness,
He battled with the Balrog, in the depths and the dampness,
From the deeps to the heights, they wrestled through spring,
Upon Zirak-Zigil, the Lord of Moria fell to Glamdring,
Through Lorien they travelled, where dwells Galadriel of Light,
She sheltered them awhile, from the burden of their plight,
Celeborn counselled, they continue upstream,
Through the Argonath they passed, where failed the hope of their dream,
Upon Amon Hen, the Fellowship was broken,
The Uruk-hai assailed them, and Frodo left unspoken,
Boromir was slain, the mighty Prince of Gondor,
Pierced by many arrows, of the black bow of Mordor,
Discovered in Fangorn, by the Hobbits that were bold,
That the White Wizard walked, but it was Gandalf of old,
Frodo unearthed, that they were followed by Gollum,
They used him as their guide, his promise was solemn,
The Last Alliance was renewed; the Battle of Helms Deep was fought,
Saruman’s army was defeated; his evil designs came to naught,
Smeagol led Frodo, into the Marshes of the Dead,
Where Gollum was subdued, but Sam kept his head,
To Minas Tirith Mithrandir sped, mounted on Shadowfax the Great,
For in the Palantir Pippin saw, the dread that lay in wait,
Gondor called for aid and the beacons were lit,
Rohan answered and they mustered their grit,
Faramir rode in desperation to regain Osgiliath,
The orcs lay in wait, with Gothmog the behemoth,
Upon the Hidden Stair, the Hobbits struggled,
Gollum’s malice was growing; Frodo’s mind was muddled,
A fatal arrow pierced the last Prince of the Realm,
He was dragged back to the gates, cloven was his helm,
Narsil was remade, reforged into the Flame of the West
Aragorn accepted it, he knew alone it was his quest,
The King of the Dead, was summoned in Dunharrow,
Aragorn pleaded with him, but his heart was hollow,
The deadmen desired, nothing but freedom,
The Dead King accepted, that Aragorn would lead them,
The Battle of Pellenor, went ill for the Mark,
The Witch-King was slain by Eowyn, whose mind was now in the Dark,
The Army of the Dead, plunged into the fray,
They devoured the black hordes, and left none alive that day,
In the Palantir Aragorn challenged, Sauron the Deceiver,
To the right of Middle-earth, and to free the lands from his demeanour,
They marched at last, to the Gates of the Black Land,
To draw out the Legions, of Sauron’s dark hand,
The Last Battle had begun, Aragorn fought like a King of old,
Frodo reached the Cracks of Doom, upon him the Ring had lost it’s hold,
Barad-dur collapsed, upon the Rings demise,
It’s foundations now destroyed, and guarded by the Wise,
Elessar was crowned, the Elves past away West,
Frodo returned home, with Sam and the rest,
After a while, came Gandalf the Grey,
And bore Frodo away, to a place which none now say,
He sailed to the Undying Lands, the Realm of Valinor,
Frodo was at peace, and he was missed forever more,
The One was destroyed, the Three left unbidden,
The Seven unknown and the Nine unforgiven.

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them…

Inspired by The Lord of the Rings by J R R Tolkien

By Jonathan Ryan


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