Namarie, Middle-Earth

by Feb 14, 2006Poetry

The plains and the mountains
the forests and the trees
never again will they seem so tall
or beautiful to me
For they I will never again see

I shall never see
the royalty
of Gondor again
nor the Fields of Rohan
the home of the horse-lords
Never again will I see

I shall never see
the Golden Wood
in its splendor and galore
I shall never see the deep and dark
Fangorn forest, again
As I forsake this world
I think that ill never hear
the sounds of the Shire again

Perhaps it is for the best
the great open Sea
instead of bringing pain
for why stay in the Shire
if its never the same again?

Centuries may pass
only time will tell
when i see the beauty
of this world again
but i cannot help
but wonder
will i ever really see
this beauty again?

But perhaps the hardest part
is forsaking friends
that have never known pain
their frisky souls
why give it to them?

but the other three
who are close to me
i know that you
are always right by me
because you’ll never leave
my heart.

The beauty and the darkness
are all leaving me
for I sail for an open world
far across the Sea………

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