Namarie, fair Evenstar

by Dec 2, 2004Poetry

There she walks,
Just like her father said
Grief hiding her
Like a cloud hides a little star
She wanders the Grey Wood
For that is what it is now called

Clothed in her dark blue robe
Her slippered feet tread the hard ground
Of the world outside

This is her cloister
Where she will spend the rest of her days
She does not look old, no
But if you look at her eyes
you can see
How many years she has lived.

She sighs as she lays herself upon Cerin Amroth
It has so many memories
Happy memories
Of long ago

One last word
Her eyes are closed
Her breathing still
The Evenstar has placed from this world

It is a tragic sight to see
The lady on her grave
A tiny snowflake floats down
And rests on her cold cheek

Namarie, fair Evenstar
May you be reunited with your Estel.
Sleep in peace


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