nainië vanwa mel – Celebquesse’s lament

by Mar 30, 2005Poetry

Oh! How time hath flown
From yonder field, unto this twilight,
Shades of grey replace the green,
And all that we have worked for hath come to naught

If I spent but one more second here with you,
It would overshadow this awful shell of a life
Oh! How I wish to end it, to stop the pain!
Yet, something compels me not to.

Some unseen force that stays my hand,
As it stayed the crude instruments of the orcs
As sorrow lashes at my heart, it fights a battle of epic proportions,
So I don’t have to

I know not whether it is my own spirit
That helps me from the den of sorrow I have fallen into,
Where life and death mingle in the afterglow
Of your life

Or whether it be the valar themselves,
Mourning the loss of one so fair,
Keeping your spirit alive
In the one place I dare not go!

I sit here, in the grey mist of the world,
And all around me, shapes dodge in and out of sight,
And life blurs over, like a tear in some great eye,
And I wonder if I really am alive.


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