My Wish – I know we all wish this!

by Aug 19, 2003Poetry

My Wish

I want to leave this regular place.
My life’s just too slow paced.
I want to go to Middle Earth,
And meet Frodo face to face.

I want to go on that legendary quest,
And help destroy the Ring
(Oh, what a precious thing!).
Want to see the elves
And help Sam with the gardening.

See the Shire, explore Rivendell,
Watch as Pippin knocks the skull down the well.
Wander the paths of Lothlorien,
Sail down the great Audin.

Meet Eowyn. Battle orcs.
Talk with Gollum.
Go to Mordor.

See Frodo destroy the Ring,
Then celebrate, laugh, and sing.
See Aragorn and Arwen wed.
Sleep in an elven bed.

Ya, I’m crazy, you can see.
But I want to go so badly!
Even more to tell you I could
Of all I want to do,
But it’d take too long, I assure you!

By some amazing feat, sweep me away…
Middle Earth is where I want to stay!


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