~*~My Star~*~

by Jan 27, 2004Poetry

My star hangs heavy
and sometimes I feel
that I cannot bear
the colors of its light
which fill ever fibre
of my being.
So, I give it to you
and before my eyes
I see the colors illumined
as a crystal in the sun.
I could never give them such radiance.
Crimson for your valour
in battle and quest
emerald for the honour
that keeps you young.
blue for your selfless
protection of others
gold for the tenderness
of your every touch.
Purple for the royalty
that rides in your veins
white for the purity
that curtains your heart.
I watch, full throated,
from my cushioned pinnacle
through my tears
as these colors blend and dance
mate and embrace
until I can scarcely
tell one from another
forming shapes and shades
too lovely for labeling.
And I can scarcely tell, anymore,
which is you
and which is the Star.
It does not pull you down
as it did me;
the weight of your being
holds it steadfast.
And I think what an overrated
thing is Immortality
after all…..

and I descend
from my pedestal
to the highest peak
I could ever attain
standing my tallest
when I lie by your side

my Love.


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