My son – Come Home

by Feb 17, 2004Poetry

Love is gone
and so is my mind
I shake with anger
he will never come back
my only son
this letter is the end
“I’m not coming home father
I am going with the fellowship
to take the ring to Mount Doom,
I will return in one year
after the quest”
What does he think,
that it is only a small errand
to destroy it?
I sent him to give a message
and now he will never come home,
he will be killed or wounded.
this accursed quest.
Why does he do this?
Mirkwood is his!
I gave it to him,
if I die, it is his
but he chose to die
with the men.
It is not like he is
in the battle of five army’s
defending his home
why wont he just come home.
I shouldn’t have let him leave,
but he wonted to leave
Mirkwood for once.
not wonting to be a Prince
I write
“Do not go with them
you will die if you do”
I end and hope
Legolas will come home.


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