My Sam – for one of the coolest LotR characters!

by Nov 3, 2003Poetry

Here’s a poem for a hero of the LotR trilogy too often overlooked…

My Sam

In a world so perilous and distraught
You stand by me always and hinder not
Always seeing the best in everything
With you, Sam, I may destroy this Ring

Many roads I’ve traveled ere the dawn
I’ve seen what evil can grow and spawn
Many of those things I wish to forget
But always will I remember the day we met

For since the beginning you’ve stood by me
Picking me up and dusting off the debris
And even now you still sing songs
to comfort me when destruction prolongs

Sam, my Sam, my dearest lad
Without you what troubles would I’ve had?
This Ring is dragging me always down
But your surest smile will erase my frown

And now, in Mordor, the blackest of lands
You still humble yourself, you have no demands
the only thing you ask, the one thing you plea
is wherever I go, that you may be with me

And that, dear Sam, is my beacon of hope
With your steadfast courage the dark I may cope
Not far would I get without you with me
Indeed I would be lost, unable to see

And so I lovingly tell you now that we’re here
approaching Mt. Doom, so painfully near
That if we should both draw our last breath under this sun
Have no doubt, my Sam; we would draw it as one


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