My Most Beloved Friend

by Mar 24, 2005Poetry

When the dawn fails to rise
And the darkness rains down
When the clouds cover the moon
and all seems lost

Then look for me my most
beloved friend
The day you can go no further

I will guide you through the shadows

When the mist covers your eyes
And your heart has no more hope
Do not forget my gift

I will guide you through the shadows

When the mountains crumble
And the sky falls down
And you weep
your tears yet fresh
I will be that helping hand
the light that guides your way

I will guide you through the shadows

When your soul is weary
all your strength is spent
when each step is another burden
Another weight upon your back

I will carry you up
I will lighten your pack

I will guide you through the shadows

Never fear my most beloved friend
I am all around
the shade in the sun
the warmth in the cold
The hope when all is gone

I will guide you through the shadows
just keep your faith in me

Soon, the darkness will fade
the sun shall beam in all its glory,
and the light of good
will fall upon the earth

When the days of Kings have returned
When valour is just and right

I will be standing by you
to guide you forward
into that light
For as you have kept your faith in me

I will have guided you through the shadows


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