My Mission – Sam’s monologue

by May 18, 2002Poetry

It stood there waiting for me
why for me I do not know
these slopes are steep
for someone stronger than I
and more willing
for someone not so sick for home
Am I the one to save the world?
do I look like it?
When I don’t even understand
this talk of power, darkness
and war
when I dream about my hole
and all I feel is endless fear
crawling through my bones
at every turn of the road
But maybe I was searching without knowing
It felt like I had something to do
I felt I had to stick by somebody
to prove that my heart could be true
It’s so strange to stray further each day
never knowing if I will be back
While they speak of kingdoms, stars
and great tasks and dangerous trails
I am just following my heart
and this is sure not to fail
For my destination already has a name
and I can’t doubt my strength
to love and protect
the best friend I’ll ever have


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