My maiden – An expectation poem

by Oct 8, 2003Poetry

I want her to be cold and lovely,
as pale as a morning in spring still influenced by the winter
I´d like her to have as bright eyes as a lonely star
in the dark and deep sky,
and a shining hair as the brightness
of the moon in the deep ocean.

Her voice must be as soft as the whispers of the trees,
and her has to be as smooth as the wind
that blows in her beautiful face.
She has to be like my angel,
but does she exist in the darkness of this land?
`cause I wouldn´t like her to be like the others.
Her spirit must be as strong as the ocean´s wave,
But as light as the most delicate tear.

She must be as lovely as a lonely cloud
in a red and tender sunset,
and in her eyes must be the light of blissfulness.
Her heart has to be more beautiful
than any other on earth,
for I wouldn´t like her to have a superficial heart.
She must be as deep as the blue sky,
as the blue sea.
“You must heal my heart, my lonely maiden”


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