My Love: – (“,)

by Sep 4, 2003Poetry

looking towards the window,
her heart full of sorrow
her heart yearning for her true love,
her life, her flame, her spirit.

far away from her,
he feels the sorrow, the love,
his troubled mind ever wondering
to the thoughts of her,
her eyes, her face.

they sit for what seems to be an eternity.
just thinking of one another.
the sadness of their sudden separation,
the heartbreak of the loneliness.]

for years they feel miserable,
both yearning for one another,
as flowers yearn for the sun,
to light their ways.

the paths he has trodden,
the tears she has shed,
the long years that have passed,
the loneliness of the lovers,
creates a void in their lives.

time stops.
as suddenly as he left,
he arrived,
and for that moment of joy,
he embraces her in his arms.

they will never separate,
oh no never again,
wherever one goes,
the other follows.

for love lights their way……


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