My Love for This Land – Is Deeper Than The Deeps of the Sea

by Jul 23, 2004Poetry

Farewell to the Dawn of Day,
Farewell to the roaring bays.
Farewell to the call of home,
Farewell to the cities of stone.
Out of the Black years,
Comes the herald of death,
Out of the black years,
Comes the fallen Tomb of Kings.
No more will I wander,
The green fields of this earth,
No more will I ponder,
The lands of my birth.
My journey has ended in the dark,
To death I will embark.
My love for this land,
Is deeper than the deeps,
Of the sea.
My regret is undying,
Yet I will cast away,
Rather than submit,
What should, shall be.
For I look upon my home,
My stomach groans,
For I have been eaten away,
My mind has decayed.
The world is gone,
There is no song,
None to sooth my pain,
Nothing but more shame,
There is nothing here,
No hope,
No fear,
Just my shrivelled mind,
and the fall of a tear.
Yet I remember why I embarked,
And lo! A star rises out of the dark,
And its song enchants my heart.
It is over,
It is done,
My last look,
Is at a falling sun.
For when the seas and mountains fall,
And we come to end of days,
In the dark I hear a call,
Calling me there,
I will go there,
And back again.


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