My Lonely Sorrow – A Poem

by May 30, 2002Poetry

Sam and Frodo
This poem is supposed to describe Sam’s sorrow when he loses Frodo in TTT.
My Lonely Sorrow

Forever I vow
To stand by your side
And help you now
How much have we cried

This quest is hard
We’ve travelled far
I’ll be your guard
We’ll follow that star

Now we’re almost there
To that dreaded Mount Doom
We’ll climb it if you dare
Up the stony shadows that loom

In front of us awaits our fate
But you won’t suffer alone
Don’t let me be too late
Don’t be lying alone on cold stone

Please don’t let them take you
Far away from me
Your face a colorless hue
I sink down on one knee

And I shed a tear
For thee
All alone in fear you be
Oh Mr. Frodo please don’t leave me.


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