by Feb 25, 2004Poetry

in frosty wind i walked and crawled
into darken land i went
with nothing but a song in mind
an old man weary and bent

i searched for light into the night
not a star is seen in sight
and waited for the hour of dawn
when the eagles take their flight

i saw the land in dreary gray
not a leaf is seen nor green
not a trickle of water is heard and felt
not a soul in sight is seen

empty are the hours ive spent
wandering into this land
i felt a quiver in my bones
that froze my feet and hands

and there it was i saw at last
the road of palish light
the colden way to a city cold
darker it was than night

i heard a scream it filled the air
it turned me into stone
i could not move nor run away
turn back to where ive gone

the last it was i saw the flight
a bird of largest prey
it bore into my very soul
and swept my thoughts away


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