My Evenstar – A short poem

by Aug 24, 2005Poetry

T’was my gift to give to whom I will
My love, take it with you
Your glistening tears forever still
Your thoughts fresh as morning dew

My Evenstar, you cannot give me this
Take it back stay here
Live an eternal life of bliss
Remember those that you loved dear

Remember the night that we first met
You strayed into a dream
That night I know you can’t forget
I chose to be your Queen

Ships are here to bear you
across the everlasting Sea
To leave the earth’s changing hues
Why do you stay with me?

A son I saw with my own eyes
Had made my heart rejoice
I uncovered my father’s lies
and then I made my choice

A blade meant for you renewed
A crown set upon your brow
Our story starts to conclude
My mortal life begins now

So now let me pass away
Your fate combined with mine
Let my voice utter on my last day:
“I wish I could have seen him, one last time”


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