“My Dream” by Bilbo Baggins – A Poem inspired by The Hobbit

by Nov 16, 2002Poetry

Why do we dream of things that never come true?
We all have dreams,
We all have the desire for what we can’t have.
Dreams that we can do what we cannot do
That we can speak what we cannot say
That we can go where we cannot go.
But sometimes, dreams come true.

I thought I couldn’t climb the mountain
But I could.
I thought I would’t leave my home
but I would.

Sometimes we dream of the things we can do
That we would do,
If only we were given a little nudge out of the door.

We face the future without warning
Be prepared to discover your own strength.
And most of all, be careful of what you wish for,
what you dream of,
for you never know where you’ll be swept off to.


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