My Destiny – A poem

by Apr 3, 2002Poetry

Far away I’m walking to the horizon,
in search of the unknown.
The rays of the sun heats my face and embrace me.
My heart guides me to my goal.

Your soul is following me,
its presence is as smooth as this warm air I feel against my skin.

Nothing. I feel nothing but this strange sensation

I can see a misty cave in front of me,
its size is frightening, but I have to continue.
I enter, and all I can see are blue sparks,
and your spirit behind me.

Blindness. I walk slowly until I arrive to the end

The cave, now is far away,
and I’m not frightened anymore.
The only feeling I have is inner peace.
I breath deeply and I begin to walk again.

And I know I have arrived. My dear Lothlorien.

This peaceful forest with golden trees,
which leaves seems to touch the pale blue sky.
This is my destiny,
written by the wind, sung by the river.

A lake with crystalline waters
shows me what my heart can’t say.
That I love you.
And the pain returns to my memory once again.

And your soul is gone.

But I glimpse something,
a creature is hidden in the dephts of the forest.
And I know it’s watching me,
and invading my thoughts.

Dear nature, show me the truth of my feelings and save me from the dark.


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