My Dearest Friend – A poem as told by Samwise Gamgee

by Mar 26, 2003Poetry

My Dearest Friend
by traz~~~

All my life I’ve worked the land.
I’ve tilled and ploughed, and all by hand.
With love and sweat each seed was sown,
And in the autumn, plants have grown.

At harvest time, `most every year
Has filled our pantries, brought us cheer.
We’d celebrate and share the glee,
But Fate one day changed you and me.

The trouble started with that Ring.
You said It was an Evil thing.
I really did not understand,
But trusted that you had a plan.

You said that It should leave the Shire,
The urgence in your voice was dire.
So in the Autumn on that day,
We packed our bags and went away.

Oh! the things we saw that year,
From Mallorn trees to Unnamed Fear!
But the most alarming thing
Was how you suffered with that Ring.

Determination urged you on,
We mostly marched from dusk `til dawn.
And ere we saw the final end,
You nearly died, my dearest friend.

But now I have you home once more!
I often see you pace the floor.
It breaks my heart to see you so,
I wish we’d never had to go.

And now you say that you must leave,
Oh dear me, No! How I will grieve!
Please bring me with you, Frodo dear!
“No Sam, you’ve a family here.”

Now as the ship sails to the West.
I know you say it’s for the best.
My tears stream down as I wave alone,
And slowly turn myself back home.

The Harvest has begun again,
Once more I think of my dearest friend.
My life these days is rich and blessed,
But one day I’ll sail to the West.


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