My Chosen Path – Arwen’s painful choice.

by Jan 19, 2003Poetry

You claim that you would have me pass
To land unknown and far away,
Far from sorrow, far from pain,
Where night does not swallow day.

But I know this can not be true
I know your heart, as you know mine,
I know our love can conquer all
And defy the curse of time.

You left me here in Imladris
My broken heart cries out,
“How could you do this, my Estel?
Abandon me to fear and doubt?”

Yet I feel some ray of distant hope
Tis all that I can cling to,
All that keeps me from the shadows
And gives me strength, for I must choose.

The life that was chosen for me?
Or the life I chose with you?
My family, or my beloved?
What would you have me do?

I know what path my father wills,
He would have me pass
To Valinor, that distant place
Where I would lose my past

But I will not forget you
Or all the memories we share
My decision is my own, Estel,
And I WILL NOT go there.

My future lies ahead of me,
My chosen path is laid,
My future lies with you, my love,
And whatever life you’ve made.


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