My Beloved – Written by Melian, wife of Elu Thingol

by Mar 23, 2004Poetry

I dream of memories, of long ago; my life now past, my life of woe.
My life of joy, bound by love; my lovely swan, and I his dove.

Thingol, beloved, you are lost to me; where are you love? Pray, come to me!

I walk alone in shadowed woods, by fountain and pool, and with cast hood.
My grief, none can now appease, and so I walk beneath the trees.

O Great Ones, why? Why did he die? This was not meant to be, while I
am kept here, ’til end of days. No, we were meant to be always
Together, in the land we made, our land that was not meant to fade!
O Wise Ones, still my flooding tears! I cannot stop my list’ning ears!
They haunt me still with memories, I cannot drown them, help me please!

No, it is alright, I let tears flow, for they are part of life, I know.

O sweet winds, come over me, cool my thoughts and let me see.
I am tired, give me hope. I am weary, let me float
Upon your wings so soft and gentle, give rest to my mind, and I will loose my mantle
To let you swift through my hair. Oh, I thank you for your renewing air!
Now let me sink down to my knees, and drink up scents of grass and trees.
The gardens of Lórien, Ai! so long ago! when I walked by your crystal streams that flow;
Singing to me, lifting my heart, to where it now longs to depart.
I was so careless then, untroubled by pain, and yet I knew not the joys I have gained.

How could it be so? Not to have had what I know?
Not to have known my blessed Luthien? Could I have been happy here in Lórien?

So unimportant, it seems to me now, to care so for every flower and bough!
Oh, but Elwë, my wonderful Thingol, the day I met you was like the morning, so full!
Such glorious, glorious happiness! Oh, I can remember your face, such loveliness!
I saw it in your gaze, your look on my face, from the moment we met, there was no trace
Of doubt in our hearts, we both knew; our love for each other would rise like the dew!
Yet stay, like the oceans, which grow stronger each day.

Unnumbered springs passed swiftly by, we spoke not a word, only with the eye,
And when we awoke, you took me to stay close by you forever, as we thought all those days.
But alas! wrong proved our hopes! So very wrong proved our hopes!
The years passed like the autumn leaves, and now have left me in darkness to grieve.

Elwë, beloved, I love you still, with a love so fierce it burns my whole will,
And I can think of naught but you, my loved one, my great one, my only love true.

I dream of days of long ago, to where my heart will ever go,
My one beloved, I weep for thee, beneath the moon I weep for thee.
I know that we will never meet again, unless by some unforseeable end,
When under Varda’s stars we see; but until then, I weep for thee.


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