My Bane – Frodo’s Sorrow

by Apr 27, 2003Poetry

This is dedicated to Ricky, who was instrumental
in finally getting this poem out of my head.

My Bane
The torment of Frodo
by traz

The hold on me is dreadful,
It haunts my every thought.
The more I try to run from it,
The more I am distraught.

The grip it has is frightening.
The pain inside, intense.
Is there hope? Can I escape
From evil so immense?

This torment that I bear
Comes only from one thing.
A tiny golden trinket;
My bane, my own, my Ring.

It has been but a year
Since I lost that wretched band.
I wish that I could thank the one
That bit it from my hand.

As time crawls slowly on,
The wounds will finally mend.
But anguish ever grows inside.
Why won’t it all just end?

The guilt that fills my soul,
From needing what I lost,
Is tearing me to pieces.
My body feels the cost.

I lock the door behind,
When tears I can’t control
Flow down as now I realize
I never will be whole.

But while I cried, a subtle thought
Came silently to mind.
“The Sea”, it said so softly.
“The Sea”, I said in kind.

My heart now filled with longing.
I knew what must be done.
Beyond the sea I would be free!
No tears beyond the sun!

But tears welled up once more,
As Sam came into view.
Out working in the garden
Beneath the sky so blue.

He’s done so much for me,
I hope he’ll understand
The reason that I now must go
Off to that distant land.

The one thing I must ask him
Is to raise a family,
And live the life that I cannot,
A life not meant to be.

And he must stay behind
To pass the story on.
About the Tale of the Ring,
Of torment soon foregone.

But ’til I leave this land,
This burden I’ll still bear.
My fallen tears I will conceal,
He must not see them there.

The hold on me is dreadful,
It haunts my every thought,
But I’ll be strong for Samwise’ sake,
He will not see me fraught.


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