Mount Doom – The final part of Frodo and Sam’s journey to Mount Doom

by Aug 31, 2004Poetry

As I walk the road with my friend Sam,
I try to remember who I am.
A weight I feel around my neck,
It pulls me down, I feel a wreck.

I can’t go on, my will is weak,
I look at Sam and try to speak.
His strength will last until the end.
I stumble as we reach the bend.

The mountain looms, not much further
`My Preciousssss’, I hear someone murmur.
Sam’s beside me, it gives me hope.
We finally start to climb the slope.

The eye has turned, time’s running out,
We climb, I fall, I start to doubt.
But Sam is there, his arms around me
He carries me, `We’ll make it, see.’

We enter in, we’ve reached our goal,
I have a duty, or lose my soul.
Feet flap behind us, Sam turns around,
A rock is thrown, Sam hits the ground.

I scramble on, to do what’s right,
It’s what I came for, to save the light.
But now I’m here, I’m not so sure,
`The Ring’, I smile, I’m not so pure.

I place it on my hand and go from sight
Then something grabs me, we start to fight.
The pain. I scream! My finger’s gone!
We fight some more. What have I done!

I see him now, at the edge he dances.
Jumps and laughs, with glee he prances.
I find my strength, he cannot have it,
We fall and stumble into the fiery pit.

Sam’s face appears. My head in a spin
`Don’t you let go! Don’t you dare give in.’
He stretches down, but I feel so weak
He reaches further, my hand to seek.

He pulls me up, I feel firm ground,
We cling together and turn around.
Looking down, poor Gollum’s gone
The Ring is melting. The mission’s done.

The mountain shakes and starts to tumble
We run for safety, trying not to stumble.
We run and run, and find a path
To escape the danger and Sauron’s wrath.

We reach a rock, but still go higher
It’s quieter now, I remember the Shire.
I turn to Sam and see his tears
Nowhere to go, I share his fears.

We close our eyes and wait our fate
Middle Earth is safe, we weren’t too late.
Soft wings surround us, our way is clear.
I wake, I’m safe. My friends are here.


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