MORDOR – Of Mordor and the Dark Lord

by Aug 7, 2003Poetry

And of the Dark Lord

Sadness has come within a dark cloud
No peace and harmony or happiness aloud
This is a place where torture is bound
A place where the Dark Lord’s eye is found

An eye that’s licked with burning flames
It’s owner decieving, a Lord who maims
This land of mountains that punctures the skin
And kills every hope that flickers within

Foreigners of a distant land
May or may not have seen the band
What good there is, is evil I fear
Frightened they are to know end is near

Unless the young hobbit and his companion succeed
The emptiness, toils, and gloom will not heed
The Dark Lord’s fingers will withhold the band
Once he grasps, it will not leave his hand

Middle-earth’s purpose of love and life
Will resign into darkness, anguish, and strife
If the Dark Lord’s possession of fear
Is returned, then the tremulous end will be here


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