Mirkwood Lullaby – Dance of Elbereth

by Aug 10, 2002Poetry

Elbereth, Queen of the stars, favored Vala of the Mirkwood elves. Giver of moonlight and veil of darkness.
What light I see in your beautiful eyes?
The light of Elbereth, they dance and shine
Vala of the stars and the everlasting night
Her veil reins over the dwindling sun
She shines her gaze over sleepy Middle Earth
The light of Telperion glowing faintly
Star of dreams
Made of earth water and tear
Peace is everywhere

Man cálë inyë cenlya vanya hen?
I cálë Elbereth liltantë ar cala
Vala I elen ar I oialë lómë
Halyarya heru or I pica anar
Ni calarya tirin or fume Endë Cemen
I cálë Telperion rilya néca
Elen olor
Onta cemen nén ar nírë
Sérë ná mácayassen


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