Mines of Moria – about Moria and the Fellowship

by Apr 9, 2002Poetry

In the Mines of Moria
Where Dwarves did live
There is total blackness
And dead, rotting skin

There once was a battle
But of that we won’t say
For in truth there were two
Between the Bolrog and Gandalf the Gray

The nine who walked through
Those dark hidden halls
Would never forget
When they saw Gandalf fall

They thought he was gone
They thought his time done
And his three last words
Seemed impossible to everyone

“Fly you fools” is what he said
The answer came soon
That they did dread

They had no choice
The orcs where at hand
The arrows, they flew
There were too many orc bands

Legolas emptied his quiver
Gimli let his ax fly
As the fellowship made way
Till the end gate of Moria


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