Middle Earth Code

by Oct 7, 2004Poetry

As a digger or miner
Soldier or perhaps a king
As a child listening to tales
Of Frodo and the ring

Singing and playing
No pain or humiliation
Through the days of smiles
And celebration

In the forest or sea
Under the caves so dark
Where good has shown
And evil leaves its mark

In this world of light
Where dark must hide
With all the little folk
There can be only one side

Tall and short
They stay together
The bold and the meek
Keep peace forever

Between Hobbits and men
The Dwarves and the Elves
With the happiness that came
This book can rest on the shelves

The finish of the ring
The happiness of the shire
The deadly gold
Thrown to the fire

Middle Earth is again safe
Their land is again free to share
At this moment I would sing
If I only I could live there


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