Merry – A Poem

by May 12, 2002Poetry

Merry Merry who’s feet are hairy
How do you stay alive?
With urak-hai and Sarumon
Much less the evil eye?

You’re one of nine,
Too vulnerable
You sure you wanted to come?
The long journey
To Mount Doom
Is not for everyone

You’ve got your friends
And Gandalf too,
But what if you don’t survive?
What if Frodo fails his quest?
Too soon after you won’t be alive!

But what if you make it
To the glorious sea
And the things that you thought
Won’t ever be?

What if your friends
Meet their doom on the way?
What if Gandalf falls down
Then what will you say?

But all those things
Are only figments
Of your imagination
The thoughts, the dreams
The silly things, probably won’t be so

But if they are
You know you’re ready
You faced these things before,
You’ve lived through those horrid dreams
That have come to hate you so


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