Menelwen’s Nightmare

by Mar 24, 2005Poetry

Total darkness,
Yet I am awake
A baby cries.
“Ithil!” I cry.
Where is my son?
His cradle is empty.
I must find him,
But I’ve got to light
This stupid candle first.
His lonesome cries pierce my heart.
I have no time to waste with this candle.
I must find my son.

I ran down the dark halls,
My son’s cry as a guide.
His cries led me to your room.
It was filled with a blinding light.
My son lay wrapped in a blanket
On the floor beside your bed.
Once he was in my arms,
His cries ceased and he slept peacefully.
I turned to leave,
But then I saw you.
Your eyes were closed,
You were clothed in white,
A golden circlet you adorned.
A bow lay at your feet,
The arrows crossed your chest.
No breath came from your lips,
No movement came from your eyes.
A rose-red stain covered your heart;
It was your very own blood.
It was then I realized that
You were gone
Many tears I shed because you died.
While I wept, an evil voice taunted me.
“He’s gone,” it said.
“You are alone.”
The words pierced me like a knife.
They echoed in my head.
My prince was gone,
And I was taunted.
I was tortured.
I wished I was dead.

A hand rested upon my shoulder.
I resisted its touch;
I told it to go away.
“Wake up,” it said.
“It’s only a dream.”
My eyes shot open.
It was you who spoke.
My prince was still alive.
I embraced you tightly;
I never wanted to let go.
I was afraid that you weren’t really there.
But you reassured me,
You calmed my fear,
You wiped away the tears.
You held me in your arms.
There I slept in peace,
In your loving embrace,
Ithil in my own.


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