by Oct 9, 2006Poetry

All of middle earth fell still,
As he walked the shores,
To the great gray ships that had,
Sailed from valinor.

They all had come to see him off,
He and his blushing bride,
But their pace was slow and grim,
And lengthened every stride.

This beautiful world,
Would be so dim,
After he was
To leave with them.

The elves, and hobbits,
The men of old,
The dwarves in caverns
Deep and cold,

They all had come
To bid farewell,
Even the Great Eagle’s
Tears fell.

And mixed upon
The salty shores,
With those whose tears,
Could not reach Valinor.

He was a friend,
A poet a writer,
And now, without his song,
The world would seem much quieter.


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