melme aira

by Dec 31, 2003Poetry

for you I would give my life,
my mind, body and spirit.
I have been crying out to you
but you’re still to deaf to hear it.
How long will you continue to push me away
until you realize how far you have strayed?
you consume my spirit
in the hours growing late,
as I lie quiet and wish
that this love would be fate.
o love eternal, hear this plea!
Does your stubbornness pull you from me?
I weep in the shadows
of the darkest of night;
you are Earendil to me,
my light!
I long desire to draw you near;
you steal my heart and leave me here.
You deny me
as I am consumed with pain;
these tears have gathered
to create a fine rain.
namaarie, beloved, eternal one,
it was never me you were thinking of.


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