Melkor – The Evil One – Last of the 15 poems of the Ainur

by Jun 11, 2004Poetry

You pervert,
Pervert to the earth.

You watch as the Valar prospers,
Yet you, you hide in foster,
You destroy everything you see,
Jealousy and fright is all you can be.

You may be the greatest,
You may be so strong,
Yet your ways,
Are always wrong.

You make the ground rot,
The trees pus,
You poison the waters,
You keep things on the hush.

You sicken me,
Men vomit at your sight,
They fall in fright.

The lights Aule made,
You cast them down,
As the world falls into shade.

Yet you can never match him,
Never match Eru’s power,
No, all’s you can do,
Is build a Black tower.

The Elves captured you,
You lied to Eru,
They took pity,
and gave freedom to you.

Instead, you slay finwe,
You steals the silmarils,
You build Angband and Utumno,
and your armies do your will.

You took Ungoliant under you spell,
You and him burned,
Burned the Trees until Middle-earth fell.

Melkor was banished,
He set upon his head,
A crown of stolen jewels,
He lied on a golden bed.

The noldor made war,
hopeless, yet a war,
Your forces wiped them out,
This made men un-stout.

Mandos prophecised,
Prophecised your fall,
As Turin runs Gurthang through your chest,
Then you will fall,
You will fall to your death.


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